Backup Technical Support Services for Sage 50 Peachtree and QuickBooks Software

We would like to extend you an offer to use our technical support team as a backup to your own technical support services.

Why should you consider using our technicians as a backup to your own? Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Customer Service. Your clients need you to support them. They desire quick and reliable service. Using our technicians as a backup gives your customers good service even when you, or your staff, are not available.
  2. More depth without adding employees. Having backup support allows you to increase your capacity without having to hire additional employees.
  3. Affordability. We offer backup support to you at substantially reduced prices. This allows you to make a nice profit on the services that we provide to your customers.
  4. Very experienced technicians. Most of our technicians have been supporting Sage 50 Peachtree Accounting software for over twenty years. We have been supporting QuickBooks Accounting software since its inception. One of our technicians was previously employed by Sage 50 Peachtree Software.
  5. We support older, discontinued versions. Since our technicians have been around for so long, we still provide support on Sage 50 Peachtree for DOS and various versions of Sage 50 Peachtree. We still have the folio database (the predecessor to the current knowledge-base) that was used by Sage 50 Peachtree’s Technical Support Department. We also support older versions of QuickBooks that are no longer being supported by QuickBooks.
  6. Fast turnaround time. Since we have full-time technicians dedicated to doing only technical support, we can usually get back to the clients in a matter of minutes. Once we receive a call request from you, it is immediately assigned to our technicians. Normally, contact is made within two to ten minutes after receiving the call.
  7. Confidentiality. We have been providing backup technical support services to several other accountants and consultants for over ten years now. We understand that you have worked very hard at building up your client base. So, we know how important client confidentiality is. We NEVER provide your client with ANY of our contact information. None whatsoever. We strive to preserve your client relationship with your clients. We do not use your client information other than for supporting them on your behalf. We DO NOT ever give your clients our telephone number, fax number, email address, or our website address. We DO NOT maintain any of your clients� information.
  8. Easy. Since we have been supporting other accountants and consultants for years, we have developed a smooth process of getting support call information to us and the results of those calls back to you.
  9. Conversions. We are fluent in doing data file conversions, One-Write Plus, PT-Dos, PT-2000 to Sage 50 Peachtree 2017 for Windows, QuickBooks to Sage 50 Peachtree, and Sage 50 Peachtree to QuickBooks conversions.
  10. FTP sites. Sometimes, especially when it comes to data file repair, data file rebuilds, and data file conversions, we need to have a copy of the clients data file. You or your client can upload their data file to a confidential FTP site (either yours or ours) so we can access their data to perform the services needed.
  11. Remote access. Sometimes, it is easier to support a client when we can see their screen and control their computer. We have the ability to conduct remote access support, without sacrificing the confidentiality that we maintain for you with your clients.
  12. Speak English clearly. We only employ people who speak the English language fluently and clearly. We DO NOT outsource our calls to overseas.
  13. Satisfaction Guaranteed. If your client’s problem is not completely resolved, there will be no charge for the call.

Convenience — Here’s how it works! A client calls you with a problem. You send us their contact information by email or fax. We have a tech support representative give them a call back (on our nickel) as soon as possible. We identify ourselves as a representative of your company (and we truly are). The technician resolves your client’s issue. We bill you and you bill your clients.