We can help your company align its business structure in a tax-efficient manner, consistent with your business direction. The AlldayCPA® Group provides the opportunity to review the current legal structure and help you alter that structure to improve your position from a tax perspective. The process applies equally to all tax types-income/franchise, sales and transactions, employment, and property taxes. A company’s legal structure, which might have been ideally suited to past conditions or evolved naturally with the growth of the business, may have outlived its usefulness in terms of state tax efficiency.

We can help you optimize your tax structure and minimize your tax burden. Businesses rarely grow in a tax efficient fashion, and mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures can radically and adversely impact a company’s tax position. We can help a company realign its business structure to achieve significant tax savings.

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Client Benefits

  • Comprehensive tax planning with reduced risk
  • Enhanced cash flow from reduced estimated payments and taxes
  • Possible positive impact on financial statements, resulting in increased earnings per share
  • Aligning business objectives with legal structure and tax-efficiency
  • Sustainable Tax Savings
  • Full Implementation