Sage has added a new benefit to the Sage 50cloud Subscription only product called Sage Security Shield which launched on October 1, 2020.


What is Sage Secuirty Shield?
Sage Security Shield is a comprehensive business monitoring product providing customers business ID theft and cyber protection. This new feature, included with Sage 50cloud (for new customers and renewals on 10/01/2020) supports small businesses by providing protection to secure their business identity, monitor their credit and restore services should there by any incidences detected.


What customer needs are being met?
Sage 50cloud customers will have peace of mind with:
  • Continuous business credit and dark web monitoring for external fraud,
  • Active measure to prevent and detect internal fraud,
  • Secure storage vault for the business information, and
  • A dedicated team of specialists to handle any issues fully through to resolution.
Product features
  • Dark web monitoring of the following:
    • Business Name
    • Phone numbers
    • Business Credit/Debits cards
    • Bank accounts
    • Passports
    • Business Domain
    • Business EIN
    • State Registration Number
    • D-U-N-S Number
    • Credit Safe Number
  • Business credit report:
    • Understand business credit report & improve credit
    • Helps small businesses without business credit establish business credit
  • Business credit score:
    • Provides the business’s credit score (not the owner)
  • Business credit monitoring:
    • Company filing and name changes
    • Credit Inquiry trending
    • Address change (including telephone number)
    • Credit limit changes
    • Any public legal or negative data
    • DBT updates and changes
  • Internal fraud hotline to report suspicious activity
  • Online business vault to securely store business information
  • One-on-one help with incidences with a Certified Resolution Specialist
  • One hour of legal support
The Sage Security Shield feature is included with all new and renewing Sage 50cloud customers who purchased new or renewed after October 1, 2020.


How does a customer sign up?

To begin using this feature, customers must register and create their online account. Customers will receive an email with a registration link within 48-72 hours of renewing or purchasing their Sage 50cloud subscription beginning October 1, 2020. For customer registration escalation, please contact us at

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