Data Conversion Services

Having problems converting from older versions of QuickBooks to a newer version? Need to convert data across QuickBooks product lines? Trying to convert from Peachtree to QuickBooks? We are “QuickBooks Certified” data conversion specialists. Save yourself lots of time and hassle by allowing our experts to convert your QuickBooks Accounting data securly and efficiently.

QuickBooks is an excellent product for small businesses just getting started. However, as your business grows and evolves, your accounting needs change. We offer data conversion or migration from an older version of QuickBooks to a newer version, or even from Peachtree to QuickBooks.

Pricing for QuickBooks Data Conversion

If you are interested in our data conversion services please contact our support team by calling toll free (800) 259-4213 for an estimate.

We provide technical support on the following versions of QuickBooks:

  • QuickBooks 1999
  • QuickBooks 2001
  • QuickBooks 2002
  • QuickBooks 2002
  • QuickBooks 2003
  • QuickBooks 2004
  • QuickBooks 2005
  • QuickBooks 2006
  • QuickBooks 2007
  • QuickBooks 2008
  • QuickBooks 2009
  • QuickBooks 2010
  • QuickBooks 2011
  • QuickBooks 2012
  • QuickBooks 2013
  • QuickBooks 2014
  • QuickBooks 2015
  • QuickBooks 2016
  • QuickBooks 2017
  • QuickBooks 2018
  • QuickBooks 2019
  • QuickBooks 2020

Our QuickBooks Certified data conversion specialists can import your customers lists, vendors list, inventory items list, chart of accounts list and employee list from the following accounting programs. We just need the lists in either Excel, CSV, or text format.

  • Convert older versions of QuickBooks Lists to newer versions. (2001 & later).
  • Convert ALL versions of Peachtree Lists to QuickBooks. (DOS version will be Lists only).
  • Convert “Peachtree 2000 Release 6” Lists to QuickBooks (list data only).
  • Convert One-Write Plus Lists to QuickBooks.
  • Convert DacEasy Lists into QuickBooks.
  • Convert ACCPAC Lists to QuickBooks.
  • Convert MAS 90 Lists and MAS 200 Lists to QuickBooks.
  • Convert Solomon Lists to QuickBooks.
  • Convert Business Works Lists to QuickBooks.
  • Convert Great Plains Lists to QuickBooks.
  • Convert Dynamics Lists to QuickBooks.
  • Convert other accounting programs lists to QuickBooks.
  • We can also support list-only conversions from other accounting programs into QuickBooks.

**List data includes the Chart of Accounts, Item/Inventory Lists, Customer List, Vendor List, and Employee List (no payroll data). We just need either the lists in either Excel, CSV, or text format. If you need assistance with getting your lists into these formats, we can log into your computer using screen share.

QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro/Premier Conversions

Need to convert from Enterprise to Pro or Premier? Click here fore more information.